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Best New Piriformis Stretch, Dynamic Mobility Warm Up for The Hips

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The Director of Performance University, Coach Nick Tumminello shows coaches, trainers, athletes and exercise enthusiasts a new and more effective way to stretch your piriformis muscle and better prepare for athletic ...

Magnetic Therapy Benefits

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How Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy improves your health. Find out more at

WARP 10 Light Therapy – Eye Therapy Instructions.mpg

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If you own a WARP 10 or WARP 75 LED Light Therapy Device from Quantum Devices, Inc., this will help you understand the best procedures to use them for eye problems like Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Myopia, Retina b...

Best Appetite Suppressant

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A great appetite suppressant and weight loss pill. Check out what this guy says about the weight loss pill from phentabz. Looks to be something to look into if your looking to lose some weight.

Reiki Hand Positions for Self-Treatment

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William Lee Rand demonstrates hand positions for a Reiki self-treatment. This is a video excerpt from The Reiki Touch Kit, available at

Benefits of Sunshine

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The importance of sunshine cannot be overemphasized. In this video Dr Agatha Thrash talks about the benefits of exposing our bodies to sunshine.

Pycnogenol Discovery

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Pycnogenol has a International Popularity beacause it has 77 published clinical studies, 230 scientific medical journals, more than 7000 people the subject of clinical trials, patented in US, proven, safe & effic...

Lighten Postpartum Depression — Light Therapy Tip

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Hands-on Reiki Session

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Demonstration of a Hands-on Reiki Session offered by Reiki Blessings Academy - 800-79-REIKI -


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Dr. Oz Promoted Red Light Therapy on His Show

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How Supplements Are REALLY Made!

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Magnet Therapy & Health

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Alternative magnetic field can stimulate the meridian & collaterals, balances the bio-electricity of the body & carry out a "cleasing" process for body cell & blood...

Supplement Company Tricks: Proprietary Blends

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Joint Supplements Provide Joint and Tendon Nutrition Essential To a Healthy Lifestyle

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Joint nutrition and tendon health are extremely important. That is why offers natural joint supplements and tendon supplements.

What Magnetics Can Do For You (Part4)

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What Magnetics Can Do For You (Part4)

Sciatic Warm Up Stretch

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Reiki Hand Positions for Treating Others

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William Lee Rand demonstrates hand positions for treating others. This is a video excerpt from The Reiki Touch Kit, available at

Dr Oz The Superhero of Antioxidants

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The use of the following media material is protected by the Fair Use Clause of the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976, which allows for the rebroadcast of copyrighted materials for the purposes of commentary, criticism and e...

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Alternative Pain Relief for Broken arm.

116 Views0 Comments Please pass the link on to those that might need it. This Ecourse is backed by Transparent Medical Science and countless video testimonials and is Aiming to be The Most L...

Planet Ayurveda- Psoriasis Cure and Natural treatment – Real Testimonial

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This patient was healed of psoriasis by getting ayurvedic treament from Dr. Vikram Chauhan -MD (Ayurveda) Psoriasis treatment consists of using pure herbal remedies and there are many more patients who benefited from...